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Little Eden - Little Tales
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When the trees have released their last golden tears of rain for the passing of the warm season, and the streams leading to the waterfall slowly diminish; we know winter is at hand. Early morning, the sun glimmers and the silhouettes of the naked trees start chasing the rays of sunshine.


Even with winter here and the unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic - Little Eden stays lively, however, we miss the laughter and the energy you inject into the 'Little' Resort. The smell of Shisa nyama grilling


at our communal braai, the kids giggling as they climb and clamber through the Jungle Gym's obstacles and hikers, spotting a baboon barking in the distance; we miss all these moments and more. For now we will be content in standing together, while standing apart, to keep one another safe while fighting this pandemic.


Little Eden will always be our go-to Resort for fun, serenity and for creating everlasting holiday memories. Let us share with you the Little Tales of the past few months, and let us remind you what is coming: a holiday.

VRS Covid-19 Shareholder Notice

We would like to extend our gratitude to every shareholder, as well as to South Africa as a nation, for heeding the call of President Cyril Ramaphosa on the eve of the nation address in relation to the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions. We, as the Managing Agent of your preferred holiday destination, would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to navigate this pandemic.


A message from Marjorie Forssman, Managing Director of Vacation Recreational Services:

“Our commitment to providing an environment to create everlasting memories for all our shareholders and guests remains at the forefront of our mission. In light of the current COVID-19 situation, VRS is implementing viable management solutions for your home-away-from-home to ensure the health and safety of you and your families for when you can enjoy your holidays once more. The VRS Team extends their heartfelt empathy for all who have been affected, direct- or indirectly, by this outbreak. Our faith lies firmly that South Africa will emerge from this situation stronger than before and with a heightened appreciation for this beautiful country; let us remain united as a nation.”


Kindly note, in compliance with government regulations and our own policies and procedures that Little Eden will remain closed to the public until it is deemed appropriate, by government, to return to normal operations. That being said, we want you to know that we are missing the sight of all your lovely families arriving in Reception and the happy sounds of your holidays unfolding! We are eagerly awaiting, and we know you are too, the day when we are able to open our gates once more; returning to a time where you may relish every moment at your ‘home in the heart of nature’ in a safe and relaxing environment.


Click here to view relevant COVID-19-related news and information


As our further commitment to you during these trying times as we are sure you are looking forward
to being able to visit your home-away-from-home:


VRS Options


VRS Options has been made available to our shareholders to deposit the week(s) which have been lost, due to the nationwide lockdown and/or the extended closure of Little Eden in return for tokens to the full value of the respective week.

Please visit VRS Options, bank the stay you can no longer occupy and retrieve your tokens, to be used for a future Resort-stay. A small Exchange Fee is the only payment required to open the possibilities of a multitude of Resorts to you. While we understand this means you might not receive an equivalent stay at Little Eden for a future date, we are sure this gesture, of an alternative holiday for your family, will result in many cherished holiday memories.

Visit VRS Options

Our thoughts and prayers are with each shareholder, as you manoeuvre through these trying times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to VRS Property Admin, should you require further information.

All emails can be directed to propertyadmin@vrs.co.za

Little Eden
– A Legacy worth taking good care of
Little Eden

We are well aware of and sensitive to the impact of the current state of national disaster, but in our role as ‘caretaker’ of your Resort, we understand that our monthly obligations – such as municipal charges, rates and taxes, administration, Resort maintenance – remain payable; and are necessary in order for us to ensure that we are able to welcome you back to your beautiful Resort as soon as possible.


We would like to thank all those shareholders who have continued to pay their levies, especially those who have paid even though they, sadly, lost the use of their week this year, due to the COVID-19 situation. 


This is a Team-Litte Eden match
and we need each one of our shareholders,
at our side, in the line-up.

We thank all shareholders for your continued support in ensuring the upkeep of the Resort at this time.


Little Eden is very excited to announce our:

RCI Silver Crown Resort Status.
RCI Silver Crown

In order to receive an RCI Silver Crown, established standards have to be met and maintained, based on Comment Card scores from guests. Comment Cards are questionnaires sent out to each guest following their Exchange Holiday, designed to rate their experience in a variety of hospitality-related categories, which make a significant contribution towards recognising the Resort’s quality.


This excellent result speaks to the amazing calibre and dedication of the Little Eden Team and their commitment to ensuring your little gem continues to shine. Continuing on their mission to

“Creating the Environment for Everlasting Holiday Memories”.

Top Animal Sightings
by Little Eden visitors this season:


The Stallion stands proud and tall, while cautiously observing the surrounds; his mares and foals graze in the nearby fields. These social equines have become synonymous to the Little Eden game-viewing experience and can regularly be spotted out on the plains of the property.


Zoologists have noted that Zebras are in fact black with white stripes, and these stripes act as a form of camouflage against their main predator: the lion. Lions are colour-blind, and thus struggle to distinguish between a zebra and the tall grasses of the savannah, giving the zebra an advantage. This is, however, not the case for the human eye, as we admire these noble creatures because of their distinctive markings.


Baboons are spotted frequently on Little Eden’s Hiking Trails; perched on an outcrop of rock, studying the horizon for trespassers, while youngsters roll about in the greenery. Often they can be seen travelling through the gorge in groups, their presence signalled by loud calls.


Baboons communicate by screaming, barking or by grunting at one another; their vocals establish dominance, communicate to the group and ward off enemies.

Besides vocalization, baboons use lip-smacking, yawning and shoulder-shrugging  as part of their complex communication set. Did you know that a Baboon's daily routine is somewhat similar to our own? They tend to wake up around 7.30am and spend some time in their group before ‘going out’ to forage for food. 

More Resort News
Monkey Chum and Delicious Treats.
Monkey Chum
Delicious Treats

Have you met our mascot during your stay?
This cute little guy has been popping his head out all around the Resort and on our Facebook page. You have most likely spotted him in the Kiosk running around with the kids next to the pool. Monkey Chum has been our mascot for many years now, and we thought it would be appropriate to share some interesting facts about him:
Classification: Monkey Chum is classified as an omnivore, though he mostly prefers vegetation. He has a striking white face and a smooth brown coat. Chum is considered to be closely related to Vervet Monkeys.
Name: “Chum” refers to “a close friend”, because he is greatly loved by children, as well as our older guests. Once, Chum snuck into the Convenience Shop and smuggled out some treats to cure his sweet tooth, which is why the Kiosk is now named after him. Don’t forget to snap a picture with Monkey Chum on your next visit!


Martin, our Resort Manager (pictured here with our Assistant Resort Manager, Zelda) grew tired of buying flavourless milk tarts from local supermarkets; you could almost call him a Milk Tart Connoisseur. After seeking out an old family recipe, that’s been closely guarded for generations; he adapted it to his liking and created, in his words, “the perfect milk tart”!
Martin’s signature baked milk tarts are now available to purchase at the Kiosk. This delectable tart, baked with a golden, buttery crust, filled with creamy custard and topped with the perfect amount of zesty cinnamon – is already a firm favourite amongst Little Eden regulars!

Not only is the Kiosk stocked with these special milk tarts, Monkey Chum is now selling a selection of tasty pizzas; the perfect dinner plan, on arriving at Little Eden, after your road trip!

Kiosk Bread
Kiosk Pizza

Something else entirely yummy from our Kiosk...

Did you know that our Kiosk sells freshly baked bread? Enjoy the crunch of golden baked crust and fluffy white inside, topped with a slice of farm-style butter and sweet apricot jam. Let that first bite bring back all the good memories of yesteryear's fresh, farm-style baked goods.


Experience it for yourself on your next visit!

In the Know with Little Eden Upgrades!


flood damage

During December…

Little Eden experienced severe flooding due to torrential rains.
Regrettably, this flood damage limited our guests’ access to numerous Resort facilities.
The amenities and areas affected included the following:
Swimming Pool   |   Kiosk   |  Mini Golf   |   Games Room   |   Volleyball Court   |   Recreation   |  
Kudu Hiking Trail   |   Waterfall Hiking Trail

As part of our continued commitment to ensuring that our guests’ have a memorable experience at their favourite Resort, we fabricated a temporary Splash Pool, during the restoration period, and – as far as possible - transferred various convenience items, normally stocked at the Kiosk, to Reception.

flood damage
resort repairs

Latest Update...
The bridge leading to the recreational area has been repaired and the entertainment area is running smoothly again!

The Swimming Pool was repainted a soft sky blue and filled with crystal clear water; ready and waiting for the hot summer months to return. A competitive round of Mini Golf will definitely be on your family’s holiday agenda upon your next visit, as the Mini Golf mats have been replaced with smooth, grass-green surfaces. Lastly, but by no means least, our Kiosk received a bit of a makeover with a fresh coat of paint; the space has been brightened up and restocked for your shopping pleasure.

Keep the Good Times Rolling...

One of the ways we welcome our guests and shareholders home is by celebrating fun days, special occasions and annual holidays.

Christmas 2019
One of our favourite times of the year is the Festive Season! Little Eden’s Reception was perfectly decorated with sparkling fairy lights, colourful tinsel and a home-made, eco-friendly Christmas tree. Upon check-in, guests received  festive gift boxes filled with decadent treats, and on Christmas Day each child was presented with their own goody box. The Festive spirit filled the air, with happy kids splashing in the swimming pool, families gathering at the communal braai area, and everyone having a jolly-good time.
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day
As February is the month of love – we celebrated in true Little Eden style by making sure all our guests ‘felt the love’  on Valentine’s Day. Reception was ‘sweetened’ with all sorts of delicious treats for our ‘Love’-ly guests to indulge in. The Recreation area was perfectly dolled-up with red wooden hearts and heart tassel garlands, too.

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Blog Highlights

Little Eden blog

Are you planning on visiting Little Eden after lockdown? To enrich your holiday experience – we have selected a few unique places and some old-time favourites to visit on Cullinan’s Victorian-inspired main road called Oak Avenue.


Oak Avenue is a living museum filled with cafés, a brewery, an antique shop, gift shops and so much more. Take a lazy stroll down this historic street and explore the town encapsulated in rich history and breathtaking charm.

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African Blessings

Did you know that we support African Blessings?

This Non-Profit and Public Benefit Company cares for its community, children, animals and the environment. Check out their website for their latest projects and developments.

Click here to read more about African Blessings
African Blessings
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In Closing
It’s halfway through 2020; may the rest of the year pleasantly surprise you and until we speak again remember that, theLittle’ things can take the most space in your heart.

Enjoy time spent with your loved ones. We look forward to you creating more everlasting memories at Little Eden.

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
VRS – Managing Director 
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