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Take a deep breath in… hold it… 1… 2… 3… Exhale. Did you feel your lungs expand as the air flowed inward? Did you feel the slight burn in your chest as you held your breath? Did you feel the calming relief as you exhaled?

Believe it or not, that is an analogy for 2020. We took a deep breath in at the beginning of the year – everyone was eager to see what the New Year would bring us. Then we held our breath – for what seemed like forever. COVID threw everyone off when it came from ‘seemingly’ nowhere. We held our breath when the lockdown came and we were encouraged to
work from home. We held our breath waiting for the next presidential speech. But, now we can exhale a sigh of relief in anticipation of and hope for the New Year.

We are blessed to know that together we can, and do, look forward to another year and the opportunities 2021 will bring. But, before we do, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your support in maintaining your financial commitment throughout the lockdown and 2020 as a whole. Without your consistent and reliable commitment, your home-away-from-home would simply not be possible – and for that, we say a heartfelt THANK YOU!
Awards and Applause

Dikeledi – a true gem in the Manzi Monaté crown!

Anyone and everyone who has ever vacationed at Manzi Monaté will know and remember Dikeledi with fondness. Dikeledi has been our patient and warm-hearted receptionist for the past 16 years and, for the past four, DK has built a good relationship with Manda du Plessis – our representative from iExchange.

2020 is the iExchange 10th Anniversary for which they were planning a large ceremony and celebration, however, due to COVID-19, their plans had to be cancelled. The iExchange Team had planned on inviting DK to this event and publically awarding her a certificate of Service Excellence for her loyalty, friendliness and the excellent service they have received through the years. Now that travel restrictions have eased, the iExchange Team decided to personally visit and award Dikeledi with her certificate.

As per feedback received from Manda: iExchange identifies people who give excellent customer service, are friendly and who stand out and we recognise them – Dikeledi is one of them!

This award means so much to DK as she is dedicated to her work and gives her all in everything she does. We are honoured to have DK as part of the Manzi Monaté family and thankful for all of her hard work and effort – she is truly a gem in our crown!

Your Safety is Our Priority

Our team is incredible! Each team at Manzi Monaté have been trained on the necessary protocols relevant to their department. When you arrive at the Resort, all guests in your party will be required to complete a medical register and record your temperatures. At reception, you will notice that all of the doors are kept open to allow for better airflow and that Perspex screens have been installed to create a safety barrier between our reception team and guests.

Our housekeeping team deep cleans each chalet in full PPE before each arrival and seals the doors to provide guests with the peace of mind that their chalet has not been accessed by anyone since cleaning. The kiosk has a limit of two guests at a time as well as markings on the floor to ensure social distance is adhered to. Perspex screens have also been installed and products can be scanned through them. We have also installed numerous sanitisation stations across the Resort, especially at high traffic areas.

With all of this in mind – we hope you will have a worry-free Manzi Monaté vacation!

VRS HygienicHospitality protocols
Spotted at Manzi Monaté

The Brown Hooded Kingfisher

During the nationwide lockdown, when people were far and few between; nature, once again, took over. The grass was long and trees wilder – no humans were around to disturb this new habitat.

This was when we had a little visitor from the neighbouring dam – a Brown Hooded Kingfisher. The little fella was around 22cm long with the most beautiful secondary turquoise feathers which glistened in the sunlight. His beak was a magnificent red, tipped with brown. He must have been enjoying this new wilderness and all the yummy treats that came with it – insects, small reptiles and birds.

The few people that remained at the Resort during the lockdown were captivated by this incredible creature and his swift movements. He was truly a sight for sore eyes!

PS. Did you know that the Brown Hooded Kingfisher builds its nest in a hole in the ground?

Team Focus

It is with great delight that we introduce to you, today, Sanet and Hendrik Cloete – Manzi Monaté’s Housekeeping and Maintenance Managers.

This dynamic duo joined the Manzi Monaté family on the 20th of October 2020 and have since bonded with their teams and become assets to the Resort.

This lovely couple have a young family and are young-at-heart themselves! The couple both enjoy spending time in the great outdoors – Henkdrik loves fishing and activities that get his adrenalin racing, such as motor cross racing, while Sanet unwinds by searching for hidden treasures with her metal detector.

This hard-working couple are always prepared to walk the extra mile and go above and beyond in all areas of their lives. We cannot wait to witness the Housekeeping and Maintenance departments flourish under their supervision and guidance.

Manzi Monaté Updates

During the lockdown, our devoted team were not sitting idly by – they were hands-on and worked hard to get the Resort in tip-top shape for you, our valued Shareholders, and our esteemed guests. Below are a few of the tasks they have completed over and above the procedures and protocols implemented for the safety of those who stay at Manzi Monaté.

Office Block Exterior Repainted
Reception Interior Repainted
Games Room Floor Painted
Jungle Gym Repainted
Kiosk Kitchen Cupboards Renovated
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The Art of Silver showcases a comprehensive selection of original silver jewellery pieces in the most beautiful old Shop in Oak Avenue, Cullinan. Visitors are welcome to engage with the large collection of Silver contemporary jewellery and speciality items on display.
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As Greek as it Gets
28km from Manzi Monaté
Try some authentic Greek dishes at this home turned restaurant in the heart of Cullinan. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating and is perfect for the whole family – especially those looking for a relaxed atmosphere filled with chatting, laughing and incredible memories.
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Whispering Oaks
Garden Café

27km from Manzi Monaté
Famous for their relaxing Sunday breakfast under the timeless Oak trees, freshly prepared ingredients, tranquil gardens and refreshing drinks, the Whispering Oaks Garden Café is the spot to be for all foodies!
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African Blessings

As our Jochebed Children’s Village continues to grow, so do our laundry loads! We are raising funds to purchase an industrial washing machine that will go a long way in helping us manage the big task of keeping the Village’s linen and little King’s clothes clean and fresh, while reducing the cost and the time spent on managing the loads of laundry. Read our blog to find out how you can contribute to our cause.


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As the custodian of your preferred holiday destination, Vacation Recreational Services is consistently looking out for your best interests, as they relate to important and quality holidays. Consequently, VRS recently teamed up with Options. Options (previously VRS Options) is an independent exchange organisation that provides you, as a valued Shareholder, the opportunity of exchanging your week for an alternative holiday in any given year, should you like to. For more information and for exchange enquiries, please contact Options directly on, or visit their website below.
Happy holidaying!

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In Closing...

When last did you lie under a tree? Did you look up at the clouds as they drifted past? Did you listen to the wind rustle through the leaves? Were you still; present in the moment? Did you allow your mind to wander? Well, it's time to do all of this and more at Manzi Monaté! Lying under a tree will allow you to reflect on the year that has passed and dream of a better tomorrow. There are also numerous health benefits to this as well:

  • boost mood
  • boost the immune system
  • reduce blood pressure
  • reduce heart rate
  • reduce stress
  • reduce anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • improve creativity
  • it may even help fight depression

  • So, while you are vacationing at your home-away-from-home, take the time to get closer to nature – lie under a tree, take a deep breath in and let all your worries fade away!

    We hope you have a wonderful Festive Season filled with love, laughter and happiness and that you have a happy New Year!

    Warm Regards,

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