From the comfort of a Crystal Springs bed through large windows that welcome nature in or from the cosy nook of a private patio as the fire warms the space and crackles softly; regardless of how you watch the sun set at Crystal Springs,


Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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From the comfort of a Crystal Springs bed through large windows that welcome nature in or from the cosy nook of a private patio as the fire warms the space and crackles softly; regardless of how you watch the sun set at Crystal Springs, it is guaranteed to be an incredible sight to behold. Pale blue skies transform into pastel orange tones before fading to black. A warm, soft glow is cast onto the surrounding trees and vegetation of the canyon.


The heat of the day dissipates and the nocturnal animals begin to stir. It’s no wonder that Mpumalanga is known as “the place of the sun”. Every day we, as a Team, are blessed to be able to experience the beauty of this region, and we simply adore sharing it with our valued Shareholders. Just as we share in these sunsets with you, allow us to welcome you to your first Shareholder Newsletter, where we’ll share the details of the first six months of 2022.

From The Desk Of Your

As the new Resort Management couple, we are extremely excited to be embarking on this venture with the Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge Team.  Combined, we have 45 years of experience in the hospitality sector, having worked alongside VRS throughout our careers. Our experience compliments one another and we are both passionate about service, and looking forward to what Crystal Spring’s future has in store for us.


The beautiful scenery and breath-taking views are extraordinary and beyond comparison from what we have previously experienced.  Crystal Springs has the most beautiful sunsets that differ from day-to-day due to the ever-changing climate, as a result of the high altitude.

It is clear to us, from our short time being here, why so many people lose their hearts here; we hope to honour your appreciation for this beautiful place through our roles. From sitting next to the fireplace with a good book in-hand, to enjoying a scenic walk, watching the grazing wildlife - it is moments like this that make a Crystal Springs stay so special. We look forward to managing the Resort to the best of our ability to provide all our valued Shareholders and their families with the most memorable holidays.

Warm Regards,
Johan & Natasha Lamprecht

Resort Manager & Operations Manager

Have you spotted these locals hanging about on your most recent stay?
Mini Golf, New Look

Kudu’s are browsers, which means that they can go long periods of time without drinking water; the grasses, fruits, roots and leaves they consume provide them with enough moisture. This antelope species is naturally a shy animal and they will opt to flee rather than display aggression. Did you know? An annual “World Bokdrol Spoeg” Competition was started in 1994, with the current record being a distance of 15,56m. The spitting spheres of choice? You guessed it! Kudu dung.

Recreational Ablution Facility

Giraffes are well-known as the tallest animal on earth, but did you know that Giraffes sleep standing up on their tall legs for a maximum of 30 minutes in a 24 hour cycle? Their legs aren’t the only “long” appendage they own, their tongues can reach lengths of 53cm! Giraffes twirl their tongues around the branches of trees and pull back to retrieve clumps of leaves at a time. A Giraffe can eat up-to 45kg of leaves and twigs per day and their mouths are so tough, they cannot be harmed by the thorns on Acacias.

Bathroom Light Replacements

The age-old question of, “black with white stripes or white with black stripes?” has been put to rest. The answer is the former; geneticists have uncovered that a Zebra’s skin is black, while their coats are made up of black and white stripes. These coat patterns are also unique and researchers will record the patterns to track individuals. There are three types of Zebra: the Plains, the Mountain and the Grévy's. Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge is home to the smallest, and most common of the three, the Plains Zebra.

We understand how much your home-away-from-home means to you, and want to ensure that it remains in the best possible condition, so that every holiday with us is comfortable. The Crystal Springs Team has been hard at work, sprucing up your Chalets!


Painting of Chalet interiors.
In progress.

Mini Golf, New Look

Replacement of all blinds in the Chalets.


Replacement of all curtains in the Chalets.

Mini Golf, New Look

Replacement of all beds in the Chalets.

Mini Golf, New Look

Dining room lighting being replaced throughout.
In progress.

Units received new carpets.

Chalets received new carpets.


Vinyl floors being replaced throughout.
In progress.

Dining Chairs

All dining room chairs reupholstered.

Mini Golf, New Look

All Chalets received new scatter cushions.


Old carports were dismantled and replaced with new structures.

Mini Golf, New Look

Grassy parks in front of Chalets mowed.

Mini Golf, New Look

Restaurant Pizzeria refurbished.

tree planting

New trees were planted.


Mbali Day Spa

We invite you to come relax, rejuvenate, breathe, refresh, enjoy, nourish and renew your body and mind. Keep an eye out for their monthly specials.
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Le Fera Restaurant

We get it – often the best memories are made around a table. Create those memories at Le Fera.
Find out more

Convenience Shop

Le Fera Convenience Shop is perfect for those "oops-I-forgot" items that you may have left at home or forgotten off the shopping list. The shop stocks basic necessities and yummy treats if guests wish to indulge.

Every year at Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge, the Team gets creative with spoiling our guests and valued Shareholders. From daintily folded towels and refreshments on arrival, to celebrating those special occasions and holidays that we all treasure each year. Here are the latest ways the Crystal Springs Team have been sprucing up holiday moments:


Festive Season

Christmas was a stellar day filled with festive season cheer! Each Chalet was surprised by Santa Claus, who drove around on the Crystal Springs tractor handing out handmade gifts to the guests. The children joined our Entertainment Team for fun activities before joining their parents for a delectable buffet-style lunch at Le Fera Restaurant. The Resort was blessed with summer rain between the 25th and 30th of December, but the skies cleared and the sun shone brightly on New Year’s Eve, by way of ensuring the last day of the year was spectacular. Crystal Springs invited guests for an outdoor party where they could mingle, join in on a few games and order refreshments from Le Fera, at their leisure. It was a wonderful close to the year 2021!

New Year

Valentine’s Day

The Crystal Springs Team remains dedicated to providing the best possible experience to all our guests, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. We were inundated with requests to set romantic scenes in the Chalets – and happily delivered on those requests! Couples were blown away by the beautiful settings and adored the thoughtful gifts of fragrant bath salts provided at check-in. After a luscious soak in the tub, guests ambled hand-in-hand to Le Fera for a candlelit dinner featuring bubbly and decadence.

Valentine's Day

Easter Long Weekend

Check-in over Easter was a hum of activity as families and friends arrived to enjoy quality time together in a tranquil setting. The Le Fera Team hosted a bake sale at Reception so that everyone could pick up their favourite goodies in preparation for Easter Sunday. From check-in, guests made their way to their Chalets where they received a warm welcome with an Easter hamper; consisting of a wooden, handmade bunny holding marshmallow eggs. On Easter Sunday guests could enjoy a delicious brunch at Le Fera, featuring all the breakfast favourites or simply stop by for their tasty Easter waffles and milkshakes.

Human Rights Day

Mother’s Day

Pink, liliac, white and silver adorned Reception in a pretty display to welcome all moms on Mother’s Day. Guests were spoilt for choice with a wide array of beautifully decorated cupcakes, rusks and more from the Le Fera bake sale, while checking-in. Each mom received a beautifully crafted jewellery box with a silk cloth and chocolate bar inside, as a token of our appreciation. Le Fera pulled out all the stops for a wonderful buffet lunch, featuring a charcuterie station, all manner of roasts and indulgent mini desserts to finish.

Guest satisfaction is at the heart of all we do at Crystal Springs and it makes our hearts sing to know that we are delivering on this intention. Our Team loves receiving feedback to know that they are meeting your needs; that every holiday with us is a wonderful one. Thank you to everyone for our latest compliments!

Just got back from an amazing trip to Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge. I’ve been here a few times and always have a great time, but this last trip was extra special! They've revamped their Chalets, their kitchen is fully stocked with dishes (making our self-catering stay a breeze), and the place was super clean! There was not a trace of dust or spider web in sight. Will recommend this Resort any day for a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Crystal Springs always exceeds expectations. This was the 4th time that I was there and every time is such a lovely experience. To be close to nature and experience the tranquil atmosphere is always wonderful. The Chalets are kept in good condition and everything that you need is in them.

Super quiet and peaceful; incredible views all around. Quite a few family activities (games room, several swimming pools, etc.). Chalets are well-appointed and kept clean by friendly staff. Great hiking! We love staying here.

The thing I most appreciated was the fact that the staff did not wake us to clean the Chalet. Although this might sound funny, I have been working extremely long hours without any leave or breaks in the last two years, so I was tired. The ladies that cleaned the Chalet everyday waited until we opened the curtains and only then came to ask if they can come and clean for us, and I REALLY appreciated that, so please thank all of them for me. Absolutely fantastic - peaceful which is what I needed!

Visit the Crystal Springs blog to find out more about relevant news, holiday tips and tricks, as well as delicious recipes. Click on the links for more.


Bees of Crystal Springs
The African honeybee and the Cape honeybee are two subspecies of honeybees found in South Africa. These honeybees are facing threats as their exposure to pesticides and insecticides increases. They are also under threat due to loss of habitat and climate change ...
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African Blessings

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Be part of the change. Join African Blessings on their journey to empower and uplift children in need.


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In Closing

While the sun sets on the first half of 2022, the Crystal Springs Team is looking forward to the next half and all the year 2022 still has to offer. We hope you’ve enjoyed your first Shareholder Newsletter. It makes our hearts swell to be able to relive the memories of days gone by and share these lovely stories with you, our valued Shareholders.


From sunsets casting a warm glow over the final hours of the day, to sunrises waking us to the impeccable view across the ravine – every hour under the sun (or moon) at Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge is a story worth cherishing as an everlasting holiday memory. Until next time!

Warm Regards
Marjorie Forssman
      Crystal Springs
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