Mabalingwe - The Oasis Update
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The African Highveld, bathed in the gentle golden touch of the sun, unveils a breath-taking kaleidoscope of hues that dance before our eyes. Against this picturesque backdrop stands a lush forest, its towering presence lending an air of grandeur to the magnificent view of Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge. As the sun, the radiant daughter of the sky, awakens each day, her rays cascade over the land, painting a mesmerising canvas of colours and breathing life into the vibrant biome. The symphony of nature unfolds, accompanied by a chorus of sounds, as the world rejoices in the arrival of a new day.


The dawn of 2023 brought a renewed sense of excitement and the promise of a fresh year ahead. We consider ourselves truly fortunate to be immersed in the beauty of this remarkable Resort, where unforgettable memories are made in the company of our guests and valued Shareholders. Just as we embrace the serenity of this pristine Mpumalanga countryside, allow us to bring you up to speed on the captivating wonders and exciting updates that have unfolded at your home-away-from-home in the past six months.

The Resort is abuzz with new life, and the joy of witnessing the arrival of baby zebras, wildebeests, kudus, and giraffes is simply unmatched. In the past few months, our Resort has been graced with the presence of over 15 to 20 incredibly adorable new calves. While we've grown familiar with our four-legged residents, there's always an exhilarating feeling that we experience when we spot these adorable newcomers. We affectionately refer to them as our 'fresh' ones, and they never fail to fascinate us with their adorable fluffiness.

In efforts to maintain a high-quality Resort for ultimate happy holidaying enjoyment, our dedicated Team works consistently to keep the Resort in tip-top shape.

Garden updates:


The garden areas around the Reception have been upgraded.  They have been cleaned and bromeliads with monti grass were planted. 

Resort Entraince

The small gardens between the Managers’ office and the Restaurant entrance were cleaned and stone walls were built to divide the garden into sections.  Herbs have been planted for the Restaurant to make use of.

Herb Garden

The big gardens next to the Pizzeria have been demolished and grass was planted with verbinums to form a hedge in front of the windows so that there is a clear view of the outside.

General Resort updates:

Clearing of debris

A new multicourt was installed on one of the old tennis courts.  The tennis court was resurfaced and the fence of both the multicourt and tennis court was repaired and painted.

Unit Upgrades

A leak in the Reception roof was repaired.

Resort Entrance

The steps that go from the swimming pool area at the Bar down to Satellite 1 were rebuilt due to wear and tear.

Tennis Courts

New laundry bags and soaking bins have been purchased for housekeeping.   

Resident Cat feeding programme

A blackboard was created at the mini garden store near the Shop to advertise activities and specials that we have to offer to the guests.

Resident Cat feeding programme

Another blackboard pillar has been created in Reception for advertising purposes.

Invasive Plants

The gardens at the Bar deck were removed as they kept flooding. The area was replaced with stone paving.

Invasive Plants
Unit patio roofs and the braai areas are in the process of being replaced and/or fixed.

The Crystal Springs staff remains dedicated to providing an environment for creating everlasting holiday memories. 2023 has been a fresh start and the Team couldn’t wait to start spoiling guests once more. Take a look:

Father's Day

Christmas Day  

The entire Team was pleasantly surprised to discover that we have our very own "Santa's helper" in our midst! Our talented Resort Manager impressively baked a staggering 900 mini Christmas cakes, each decorated with a tiny wooden snowman that was meticulously handcrafted by our farm workers and Entertainment Team. On Christmas day, an unexpected turn of events left Father Christmas and his sleigh stranded at our Resort, but the Team came to the rescue and offered him our iconic red tractor to ensure that all the presents made it to our guests on time with the assistance of two trusty helpers from our Entertainment Team. To keep the Christmas cheer going, the Le Fera hosted a lunch buffet where guests enjoyed a delectable spread of our South African favourites from classic roasts to decadent desserts!

Woman's Day

New Year’s Day

With the Christmas festivities winding down, we eagerly prepared to usher in the new year. Our staff and guests came together and enjoyed a lively celebration to welcome the arrival of 2023. The party was held in the Pizzeria with a fire crackling in the fireplace; creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The space was adorned with an array of green, blue, and gold balloons, and we served delicious chocolate-dipped Oreo biscuits as a sweet treat for everyone to savour. The Restaurant also had a pizza special on offer for the evening. As the clock struck midnight, we gathered in the Restaurant and danced the night away, joyfully welcoming the start of 2023. With 56 guests in attendance, it was a joyous occasion that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Heritage Day

Valentine’s Day

We spared no effort in creating an exceptional Valentine's experience for our guests. Our dedicated team poured weeks of effort into crafting unique and personalised gifts for our guests in honour of the most romantic day of the year. Each guest received a beautiful wooden heart held together by a rustic leather string, skilfully created by our talented farm workers, and was accompanied by a sweet treat for them to indulge in. Both on the Saturday prior to Valentine's Day and on the actual holiday itself, we delivered heart-shaped cookies and the wooden hearts to all of our guests. To ensure that the love does not die down, the Le Fera Restaurant offered a romantic sit-down dinner on Valentine's Day, and Mbali Day Spa offered packages that included a range of treatments that could be enjoyed with breakfast, lunch, or dinner throughout the month of February. The Team also curated lovely baskets for our lovebirds when they booked a sunset game drive.

Woman's Day

Easter Weekend

During the Easter weekend, we had a special surprise for our guests - a handmade wooden rabbit paired with yummy Easter eggs as a small gift. As we prepared these treats, our four-legged friends couldn't resist popping into the office, hoping to grab a few eggs for themselves. We also organised an exciting Easter egg hunt for the kids, where our Team got creative and painted colourful rocks which the kids could exchange for eggs. We had a great time doing arts and crafts with them too! And on Sunday morning, the Le Fera Team hosted a delicious Easter breakfast buffet for all our guests to enjoy.

Heritage Day

Mother’s Day

The Reception area was transformed into a warm and inviting haven for all the wonderful moms visiting us on Mother's Day. We decorated the area with soft hues of pink and purple, and lovely Gerbera flowers. As guests checked in, they were treated to freshly-baked pink, purple, and white cupcakes, along with refreshing juice. Every mom received a special gift—a beautifully engraved wooden spoon wrapped with a bow, presented in a decorated enamel cup. The Le Fera Restaurant also hosted a delicious breakfast buffet to make the day even more special for all the moms.

Through everything we do, our main priority is to create an environment where everlasting holiday memories are made. With deep sincerity, we wish to thank you for entrusting us with your precious moments. Your recognition and appreciation mean the world to us.

“We enjoyed our stay there and would definitely recommend Crystal springs”

 - Anna Van Der Merwe


“I have been to the resort several and always pleasantly thrilled to be here, the serenity and the tranquility brings me joy”
- ESJ Mosadi

“Relaxing, over all just great. That is why we return every year.”



“I will definitely visit Crystal springs again. We had the best time. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I give Sarah the cleaning lady a 10 out of 10 and from the restaurant, Marriam gets a 10 out of 10.”

 – Joy Phetla

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Le Fera

Seasons change. Times change. But the beauty and wonder of Crystal Springs stay the same. Our Game Drives are a wonderful way to explore the beautiful nature surrounding the Resort and to encounter the incredible wildlife. Add one to your to-do list on your next visit.


Le Fera Restaurant

The Le Fera Restaurant lends itself to any weather and, as the chills of the winter season set in, you can cosy yourself up next to a crackling fireplace and indulge in the flavours of the season, savouring every bite, while sipping on hot drinks or beverages that will keep you toasty inside and out. So as the mist gently blankets the valleys, you can rest assured that delicious food and a warm, inviting environment await you.


Le Fera

Let the Le Fera Team weave their magic and curate the celebration of your dreams. Whether it's a milestone birthday, wedding, romantic honeymoon, or anniversary, trust in their expertise and attention to detail to bring your vision to life.


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In Closing

As the golden sun dips below the majestic mountains, painting the sky with hues of warmth and wonder, we reflect upon the moments that unfolded in the first half of 2023. Each day presented us with the chance to create something special with every person who stayed at our beautiful Resort. And for that, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued Shareholders, whose support and partnership have been the cornerstone of our journey.


Now, with anticipation coursing through our veins, we eagerly turn our gaze towards the horizon, awaiting the untold treasures that the rest of the year holds for us at Crystal Springs. Our hearts are brimming with excitement, knowing that unforgettable experiences and unexpected surprises lie ahead. Until we reunite again, may the sun's gentle touch illuminate your path, filling your days with warmth, inspiration, and a sense of wonder.

Warm Regards

Marjorie Forssman
      Crystal Springs